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home of My Field of Dreams by dogmother01
We carry a full assortment of hardy garden plants, including:

  • perennials
  • annuals
  • biennials
  • herbs
  • grasses
  • butterfly nectar plants
  • butterfly host plants
  • vines, shrubs, & trees
  • and more...


About Me and My Plants- 


 I am a proud Level 2 Master Gardener volunteer for Walworth County. I am a gardener by hobby, not by trade. I do not own a garden center. I do not own a farm. I do not own a greenhouse. I am a mom. I live with my husband, my son, my 2 dogs, and my 8 chickens near the Wisconsin/Illinois border. We live in a small house, with a small yard, in a small town. I just happen to be blessed with a green thumb, wonderful soil, and an understanding family.

I have been gardening most of my life. I spent many years in my first husband's nationwide, wholesale, perennial and bulb business, brought overseas from Holland. This is where I gained most of my knowledge in cultivation and packaging methods. Everything else, I gained through trial and error in my own garden.

The plants you will be receiving are from my own gardens or those of my fellow garden club members. I dig and ship plants, spring through fall. Most of the pictures you see are younger plants, older plants, or the same exact plant that you will be receiving. Please take note, if the plants have already bloomed in my zone 5 garden, they will not bloom in your garden this year. I do not have the resources to cool, store, and force plants into premature bloom. Have patience. They are all reliable bloomers and will give you years of enjoyment.


About My Herbal Tea -

No perfumes, flavorings, colors, oils, or preservatives are added to our herbal teas or custom blends. Our herbs are as pure as the moment they were picked. Many are grown organically right on our property. Others are sourced out locally.

All of our tagless tea bags are made with unbleached tea filter paper. Tea bags may be added right to the compost when done. We do not use fancy packaging for our hand-crafted teas. They are packaged and sent in reclosable ziplock bags.


About My Other Merchandise -

 Occasionally, I will run across some merchandise that interests my family, my friends, or myself. I make that available to my customers whenever possible. Whether it is a pond de-icer or a butterfly net, I use the same high quality standards in choosing and standing behind what I sell. Chances are, if there is something you are looking for with relations to gardening or jewelry, I can locate it. Just let me know!

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